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Squeez-Ready was Fjuka’s biggest selling product of 2023. Demand was so high for the ready-prepped pellets and groundbaits that we have now launched Sweet versions. 

The new Sweet Sensate flavour is carried by Fjuka’s trademarked system of delivering attractants into the water faster. 

Loaded with this Sweet Sensate Fish Accelerant the ready prepped pellets bring bites quicker and increase catch rates. 

Sweet Method Pellets 2mm are the same as the original pellet but with a distinctive sweet Sensate Fish Accelerant. flavouring added. A real edge for certain situations, species and times of year. 

Sweet Groundbait is a new mix with a dark brown colour and a highly attractive sweet flavour. Ideal when fishing for F1s, carp, bream, tench and many more.

  • Ready-prepped real pellets with no preservatives
  • Quality low oil fish & fishery-friendly
  • Ideal molded around method & hybrid feeders
  • Developed to Tommy Pickering’s spec
  • Squeeze into balls to loosefeed
  • Loaded with Sensate Fish Accelerant for quick sport