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Paste Wrapped Boilies

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We’re now going big fish with a special edition 14mm Sensate™ boilie coated in a layer of supercharged Sensate™ paste.

This paste starts to activate in seconds and lasts for hours, ideal for anglers who need a quick response on a short session.

The result is a pile of Sensate™ Fish Accelerant- powered feed around the natural-coloured ‘carpy’ boilie. Designed with specialist anglers in mind, these have worked a treat for carp, barbel, bream and tench.

·         Gradual release of attractants, long enough for a big fish to find.
·          Natural ‘CARPY’ colour for wise fish.
·          Like using a PVA BAG with no faff.
·          Barbel to 10lb and carp to 27lb in testing.
·          Can be used as a SINGLE HOOKBAIT fishing on its own.
·          IDEAL FOR DAY ANGLERS who put a sleeper rod out for big carp.
·          BARBEL to 10lb and CARP to 27lb in testing.


Now available in new Universal Hookbait Refills, half the price of a standard tub of hookbaits. Anglers can refill and re-use their existing pots and using 80% less plastic they’re better for the environment.