2in1 Hookable Pellets

Hooks, Attracts, Catches Everything

The original hookable pellet from tackle genius David Preston. Irresistible to river fish, silvers and specimens including carp, bream, grayling, barbel, rudd, tench, trout, F1s and crucians. Available in 3 Sizes: 3mm 'Micros', 5mm 'Original' and 10mm 'Fatboys'

Floating Lurebait with Glitter

Next Generation Floating Trout Bait

Lurebait is a true fishing first, making predator and trout fishing both simpler and more effective. Lurebait can be hooked directly, but unlike paste-baits, these soft food baits stay hooked. Better still Lurebait, can be shaped to make fish or worms with a powerful Sensate™ taste trail, or to add visual and taste attraction to manufactured lures.

Fjuka Neeonz Hyper-Fluoro Hookbait

Brighter Bait, Brilliant Fish

Fjuka Neeonz are hyper fluoro soft hookbaits, powered by Sensate™ quick-release attractants. Four super-bright colours proven to spark instant response from sight feeders. Proven results for carp, bream, barbel, F1s, tench and other fish. Available in both 'floating' and 'sinking versions'.

Tough Fjukas

Fast-action baits that withstand small fish and single out the big ones

Big fish baits with a difference aimed at the everyday angler.
New hookable wafters and pop-ups can be direct hooked, banded, spiked or hair rigged. All feature the unique Sensate™ attractant - to draw in and hold big carp, barbel bream and more.
Carpo drilled boilie pellets are harder, pre drilled fluoro baits designed to withstand small fish.